Saturday, January 9, 2010

In the name of awareness...

Yeah, yeah, I know I've probably posted more this week than I had in the past one year (a direct outcome of joblessness)... but if I used to think that I'm losing my brains, I have realised today that I'm not alone. The entire world is going bollocks!

If you cannot make sense of my sudden rantings, check out your Facebook updates (well, that's what got me started...). As a part of some weird technique of promoting breast cancer awareness, girls are putting the colour of the bra they are wearing as their status updates. I mean...EXCUSE ME?! What sort of weird, sleazy, half- brained concept is this? How is mentioning the colour of your lingerie helping in spreading breast cancer awareness? Especially since these are followed by a 'winky' emoticon., i.e. ;). Well, all they seem to be promoting now are tongue-in-cheek comments from other girls, like, "ooh, how sexy!!" (...duh) and providing guys with their five seconds of fascination (that is if you actually get it, in the first place...). And yeah, it's got nothing to do with 'conservatism'... but if this is some sort of mock attempt to revive the women's revolution of the 60s, it's a really, amazingly, lame one. As it seems, most girls putting up these updates aren't even remotely concerned with the awareness part of it, they mostly seem to be following it like a brand new fad *raised eyebrows*.

Whether the intention behind all this is "involving the youth" or something on the same line, I don't know... to me it seems like promoting mockery instead of awareness, I'm sure there are more "innovative" ideas than this, if you are really serious about the whole thing. Of course, you can say that I'm old school, or just completely missing the point... but this whole thing seems plain ridiculous to me. Call me oh-so-boring... that I sound like your aunt, but having personally known a few women who have battled the disease, I sort of understand the graveness of the issue.

Anyways, since I've already let out all the pent up steam, I'm just going break it off here and let the world continue with it's novel ideas ----------   lame way to end a post? That's what happens when you break off in between and spend an hour on the phone talking crap (not that I don't enjoy it)...kills your literary prowess (and if you think I don't have any, don't burst the bubble...). Hopefully there won't be any new insanity cropping up to compel me to post again for at least a couple of days, because I really need to get off this thing and study!


Ramchandra said...

Firstly, Finally a theme which looks better than the pink and green and the black and the orange.

Is that whats it about? The colors? And here i was wondering what's wrong with people when they said black friday and pink saturday or whatever! I guess its not just me and you who are jobless, there are other people

I certainly did not get 'aware'..not that i need to anyway..still.

This campaign has surely been started by a curious jobless guy!Jeez!

Krittika... said...

I kno, finally a theme i like...btw, i even managed to put in the links correctly *pats herself on the head :)*

and now u know what's with all the 'colourful' updates :| :P... guess, they are right when they say it's a mad, mad world