Friday, November 20, 2009

Resurrection of a dead blog...

OK, so I have not posted anything in this space for a while now... though I figure no one is really complaining. Anyways, my exams just got over (my CA IPCC, to be precise)... and it was actually horrible. Why the emphasis on 'actually'?... Well 'cause most of my friends say I love feigning that my exams were bad, and then end up scoring high grades... Not intentional though, it's a childhood problem... the supposed feigning, not the grades, I mean. Anyways, so given my horrid exams (Yes, actually horrid exams), a viral fever bordering on dengue and my 'psychological state' (at least mom loves calling it that... chuck), the past two months weren't exactly great.

Anyways, that phase is over (hopefully...) and I decided to take a well- deserved (or so I'd like to think...) break. So I bought a few novels and went shopping with Kavitha in the past few days. I'm mostly jobless these days, reading novels or watching crap movies. I'd promised mom I'd head to the gym for a few days, but I'm not really that great at keeping promises, especially those which involved physical exertion (or any form of locomotion, for that matter). So here I am piling on the kilos and wasting away precious time rather happily. Actually, my dad thinks the weight gain might work in my favour given the South Indian preference for 'healthy women'... Oh yeah, I'm shifting to Chennai this Sunday...which is both nice and depressing in a way. Nice because a change of city implied a fresh start in some sense... new people, new places (with non- pronounceable names...if I might add). Depressing because, though I know shifting places is probably something that has been imprinted in my genetic make-up by now, I liked Mumbai... I had friends here, and there was a sense of familiarity... I was even beginning to recognise streets and routes, not having to entirely depend upon the auto wallahs as usual and hoping they'd know the way (did I ever mention my sense of direction, ability to locate addresses and cross streets amidst heavy traffic bordered on zero? wait, it's actually negative). I had probably even mustered the courage, on the days I was late or without a pass, to attempt squeezing myself into the second class ladies compartments at Kurla or Dadar without fearing it was definitely the last few moments of my life or feeling physically assaulted (and not run for a cab, as I usually did). Besides, given the things I'd heard about Chennai (pre-conceived notions... i hope) I'm worried about feeling like a fish out of water. Anyways, hopefully I'd be out of that place in a couple of years.

Also, I've started reading the 'Twilight' series... yeah, I know I'm probably the last hormonally sane female on this planet to start with it, every woman around me has already read the least twice. So, I finished 'Twilight' today (the first of the series), and honestly... contrary to most other girls around me... I didn't really find the need to go gushing about it like an estrogen- charged thirteen year old. OK, the book is decent, worthy of a read (this, of course, if you are a girl... and like teenage romance novels at some level)... but seriously I fail to grasp what the hue and cry is all about. And yes, I too have been brought up on a healthy diet of Nancy Drews, Sweet Valleys, Princess Diaries, Shopaholics and the likes, so hopefully my lack of exposure to 'teen literature' isn't the issue here. Basically this female named Bella falls for this vegetarian vampire named Edward... OK, vampires are nice, maybe even appealing to a certain level (albeit the blood- sucking of course), but what's with the "ideal guy" theory? (that's what most of my girlfriends think)... I mean I don't know about ideals, but I wouldn't really prefer a guy with golden eyes (freaky), ivory skin that glitters (excuse me?!...) in the sun and body temperatures below 0 degrees. And I don't really fancy a guy being described as "irresistibly beautiful" or "angelic". I guess I still continue to have faith in the human male population. Maybe it's not the description in the book, it's probably Pattison's face from the movie which keeps popping up. Oh yeah, that's one more issue...what's so great about that actor? He looks freaky to me honestly, I'd probably run a mile away from him if he stood in front of me... why is everyone falling on their faces at the mere mention of his name? (Whatever happened to the Clooneys, Pitts, Kutchers and Damons of this world?) I also think his facial contours are kinda weird. Given that it is a work of fiction, (or rather fantasy...) I'd rather opt for the Harry Potter series any day (Yes, I'll never outgrow that stuff). I don't know, but nothing in the book seemed extraordinary if one cared to have any previous knowledge of vampire folklore (try Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'). Anyhow, I'm going to start on the second one now (New Moon)...let's see if there's a gradual change of opinion. One thing though, I do like the book- covers... makes for pretty shelf decoration.

Also, I read up '2 States' by Chetan Bhagat...stereotypical in a way... but funny and sarcastic enough to be thoroughly enjoyable. Though I must admit, it did nothing to subside my apprehensions about Chennai. I know I'm comparing two completely different genres but, on a general basis, I think I preferred this love story over the damsel and glittering vampire one.
I guess I'm finally running out of crap to write, so I'll close it here. Also, I'm going to go and gush all over the new handbag I just bought... love it... but I think it looks a tad bit too sophisticated on my hopelessly clumsy self ...*sigh*


Ramchandra said...

Well..i do drop in sometime to read your blog! Am sure there are others as well..

Hope Chennai would be keep in touch..


chefspeaks said...

Hey! Tell me how's Chennai! Are you liking it? Drop in at IIT to meet Madhura! :)