Monday, July 28, 2008

First job!!...OK, not exactly...

Hello to one and all who bother to stop by and read all the crap I post here (and you know i love you for that...). News of the day: I got into a firm for my articleship, so I'm going to join from the first of August. The firm's Ford, Rhodes, Park & Co. (yeah, atleast the name sounds nice...) and my Principal (that's the guy who's going to be my mentor...ummm, the one who'll teach me my job) seemed like a good old guy (I was going to address him as 'Uncle' in my interview...shit, shit). Plus I'll get a monthly stipend ("salary" is too sophisticated a word) of 2500 bucks!...OK, so a friend said that's what they might pay us...come to think of it, I never got that piece of information confirmed (and now come to think of it, they never mentioned the money till Well, most people have already told me that for the first few months, articles at a firm are nothing better than qualified peons, but it's kind of a nice feeling... like you are really doing something worthwhile.

So basically, life is going to be super- hectic from now onwards...juggling college, office and classes together. Ahhh, whatever. Also, our Business Development teacher thinks articleship is "child labour" and that we are losing our childhood and innocence ...oh my! *gags*

By the way, I still haven't been able to find the time to catch up on "The Dark Knight" (I know, I should dig up a grave and bury myself alive...guess what, I hadn't had the time to do that either). Plan to see it soon. And why can't football season start sooner!!!

Anyways, there you are, another chapter in my ever- boring existence...till next time then!


Mayuri N said...

heyyyy congo!!!
The stipend thingy sounds cool huh!!
Best of luck.

"DoUbLe T" said...