Sunday, March 7, 2010

This post is totally pointless, shockingly random, absolutely baseless and serves no purpose... OK, what’s new??

Yes, yes... I know I’ve not posted for almost two weeks and you guys missed me a lot

[Insignificant honest voice in head: Umm, NO! You know very well no one gives a rat’s arse to this space

Much more significant Ego: Oh shut up! I know all you guys out there totally love me]

What?! The voices in your head never talk to you? How the hell do you function without that?? You, my friend, need medical attention... ASAP

So, what’s new in my excruciatingly boring existence you ask? Well, the office took us to Bangalore last weekend for a training program... and it was FUN! Whoever said office people are boring... wait till they are high. And yeah, we got a special invite at Mac Donald’s there to visit their kitchen, which obviously we did (since we never say no to anything that is free and borders on lame-O) and even made a couple of burgers there... Be jealous, be very jealous.

Also I spent most of the past few days fretting over turning twenty six months from now.... WHAT??!! It’s freaky alright... On the inside, I’m still a five year old dog (Long story... long story)

Apart from that... work’s been good (i.e. not much...). My past week labour mainly involved taking out dozens of print outs... during which I’ve come to realise that the warmth of a freshly printed paper is really very comforting... Oh, now don’t roll those eyes, it’s called finding joy in the little things in life (yeah, I’m pathetic like that).

On to some real news now... Topeka the capital of Kansas has been renamed Google by the mayor for a whole month. Reason? Google's planning to build its broadband networks in a limited number of communities. It's calling upon city leaders and others to nominate their hometowns for inclusion. After all the nominations have been received, Google will select a handful of places best suited for its experiment.

Topeka's mayor, obviously, very badly wants his city to be one of those places. Well, weirdly this isn’t the first time Kansas has been trying to get the limelight through a name change. Back in ’98 (yeah, yeah when we were tiny little children oblivious to the mayhem out there...) Topeka changed its name to “ToPikachu” as a part of a city- wide promotion for the launch of the Pokémon franchise....

And you think Bengaluru is funny? Fancy saying, “Oh me? I’m from ToPikachu...”

Don’t ask me why this piece of trivia was part of this post... are you seriously still trying to decipher some deep hidden meaning in all this mess? Guess what, it ain’t there...

And to add more blog fodder... I just happened to see an advertisement on television while typing this post... Shahid Kapur endorsed a new fairness cream... Yikes!!!

Seriously. What. The hell. Iswrongwithpeopleoutthere????

This whole metro sexual, beautification-for-men thing is kinda blowing out of proportion. I knew it... Mr. “Angelic” Edward Cullen was a seriously bad influence on society... Damn you Sparkly! (OK, maybe the two aren’t entirely related... but whatever, anything that goes wrong with the male population, it’s always Twilight to blame... period.)

AND to top it all... I’ve got “Sexy Bitch” by Akon stuck like a leech in my brain for the past two days.... and I'm hating it!!

FYI... the lyrics are...

"I'm tryna find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful... Damn girl... Damn you'se a sexy bitch... A sexy bitch... Damn you're a sexy bitch"

(Irony, in life, is sometimes beautiful... here its plain atrocious)

Whatever happened to good music?? Oh wait, it died with Flo Rida's apple bottom jeans...
So now you know who is to be blamed for this horrid piece of writing...
Anytwaddle... I'll sign off here... hopefully will be back next time with some actual stuff to write on. Till next time then!
PS: I just happened to read the post all over again... It so should have stayed in the 'Drafts' folder... Sorry for wasting your time


Rohit Saha said...

Last line makes sense.

Ramchandra said...

Funny trash, not in a demeaning way mind you :P :)