Thursday, May 22, 2008

The DOUBLE!!...

I am sure I died ten times over this morning (well 12:15 am is this morning, technically) least my heart stopped like a zillion times. After a mind- numbing final Manchester United emerged as the triumphant kings of Europe, winning their third UCL cup and making it a double this season along with the Premier League victory. To say that it was a dramatic event would be robbing it of its true was just the kind of match you have to see matter how many times you see the replay, if you've not lived the moment, it goes futile (though I admit I saw the penalty shootout like 3 times today...and involuntarily shuddered each time). I'm not going to do an in-depth analysis of the match, I'm too new a football fan for that I guess...just some random thoughts.

Back to topic : I was pretty much off my head from the start...Ronaldo's header (and its Cristiano...not 'Ch'ristiano, you wannabe fan) in the 26th minute managed to calm my nerves a bit but Lampard's goal followed by a second half dominated by Chelsea got even my mom's blood pressure soaring. The cable operator sure received a lot of cuss words on my behalf when the transmission was cut off in between, but the Ten Sports is not exactly known for its excellent transmission (turns out it wasn't the operator's fault after all...poor guy). But it came just in time for the 2nd half of ET. As for the penalties, honestly when Ronaldo's was saved by Cech, I had almost given up. Was about to actually switch off the TV, when Terry (Mr. Chelsea himself) missed. When VDS ("Won" Der someone rightly said) made that wining save, I was initially stupefied...a part of me actually thought we'd lost...but we'd managed to beat Chelsea in their (so- called) homeland!!! OK, the Fate Sisters played a big, BIG part. After it was all done and dusted, I was still feeling the everything would suddenly go horribly wrong!...Credits to Chelsea for putting up a good show... although it was atrocious on the part of the players to gang up on the referee each time he gave them a foul intending to beat the crap out of him (and the referee was not exactly a Chelsea fave)...well, Drogba and Makalele pissed me till no end... guess Drogba finally saw "red" for that slap (tap, flick...whatever) on Vidic (with due respect to his skills as a player...I think its high time he realises he is too late for a nomination in BAFTA or the Oscars this year)...and OK, this has nothing to do with the game ,but I wish he'd stop sticking his tongue out and thumping his chest as if he is Tarzan's retarded twin each time he scores a goal...its plain eye-sore. Sad way to finish his last match for Chelsea (and I'm dying to say this...serves him right!). Seeing Terry cry made my mom sad though ("Aww!...poor guy must be feeling really down...I hope his elbow is not hurting") didn't evoke any such response from me though (try jumped gleefully).

Grant was obviously upset (well, you can't say his facial expressions looked any different from the usual) and despite being not-so-media friendly (try : B-O-R-I-N-G) and making absurd comments left, right and centre, I think he deserves due credit for taking Chelsea to a level that the 'Special One' could not manage (and he was a pretty good looking 'Special One' at that...anyone misses his post- match interviews?). Whether he stays or not next season, well I really couldn't care less. Also, I think Andy Gray is as anti- United as you can get, stating dumb statistics when we are anyways going ballistic in our homes. But, in the end, all that really counts is United's victory. Felt great to see Sir Bobby Charlton lead the team for the presentation. What a fitting tribute to the Busby Babes, 50 years after the Munich tragedy!

Glory, Glory Man United!!!

Afterthought : I now think Grant's grouchy look suits him just fine, him smiling happily isn't exactly a pretty a horrible set of teeth that fellow, could use an orthodontist. I also think Anderson can give Michael Jackson stiff competition, his "victory-jig" was awesome. And those Star Sports "pundits" need to do serious groundwork...freaking me out with silly predictions. By the way, Dad returned this evening stating that we had double reasons to celebrate...the second apparently being my Boards result (ummm...what? there's only one possible "double" reason now).

- Cheers!

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