Friday, March 28, 2008

My "amazing" High school days... like this is my first attempt at blogging...pretty lame beginning right... I just finished High school and am "supposedly" looking forward to my college days...dont know whats the big hue and cry about college anyways...getting a new dress for college, a new hairstyle, new this, new that...phew!. Anyways, so the last days of 12th were supposed to be really emotional...and honestly...they were not. They were dull, boring, irritating...and we had a Bio board exam on the last day,so that did not help much. So, to celebrate this so-called emotional moment we girls went out for pizza (innovative right?)...just four of us actually...and the fact that every waiter @ Pizza Hut stared @ us as if we were Martians just added to the fun (yeah right...).

These two years of ISC were fun...i guess...i mean i made few real good friends...the girls of my class were really nice...not the hanky-panky types...big relief...and it helps at times being a new kid, people think its tough...but its actually dont hav to worry about not being in the same class as your friend, or worse, being in the same class as your arch dont have to think about dealing with someone who slapped you in 5th standard and who now sits next to you and stuff like that...and if you are a blabbermouth like me, talking to people is not really an issue...(and if you've changed schools as randomly as i have...u kind of enjoy the process)...apart frm that, ISC sci could very well serve as a launch pad for engineering...i mean IIT can really recruit guys from school for ad camaigns ,"join'll attain salvation"...i dont know if all the obsessions are truly can 5 or 6 institutes decide the fate of 5 lakh students??...i for one dont really get it...but i guess it happens to everyone @ such either end up worshipping these institutes or just end up hating their existence. 12th for me was...well, boring...not really what you think about it as a kid, being the seniormost batch and things like that...i dont think most of us had that kinda influence on the juniors...though the teachers managed to remind us of our "seniority" each time, like its our fault we passed out 11th and are in 12th (id say it was a little miracle in itself...passing Phy in 11th)...but there were few good Sports Day was fun...yes, that despite the parrot- green costumes, with capris so tight you'd think they would tear if u so much as breathe (our teachers hav fantastic fashion sense...VOGUE should felicitate them)...but yeah we had a good time...CONFLUENCE, that was the looked like confusion rather on the grounds...but yeah in all, it was quite a break from the monotony of everyday classes, so good enough. You must hav guessed by now that ISC was mostly uneventful...except for chem lab that is...where people set the basins on fire(how?)...and the alcohol containing test tube ignites like some crazy fire show...and where you learn different colour changes...really helpful for kiddie birthdays...and inhale weird fumes, almost certain you''d not survive the day and wishing you'd written your will earlier...i loved the lab for all this!!

There were not many events actually...there was the Youth Fest,it only sounds ultra hip or whatever,....where my friends danced to Lavni...yup...for the folk dance thing...and our house was damn cute actually...once you get over the initial shock of a Lavni dance (and no i wont mention the song)...or if you are like me and completely unaware of its history or, status. But it managed to score brownie points alright...mainly because everybody in the audience had loads of fun during the song (you bet)...complete with the hooting and clapping (:P)...i dont remember the other folk dances, and i'm not sure many people do either...the western dance was good, the rest, i dont recollect...i guess it was fun, because like i said..the school doesnt have many any event is a nice way of breaking the everyday monotony. Oh yeah, our teachers did propose a trip to...Great Escape *flourish and claps*....a water park (ooooh!)...we gave a good response though, 5 people actually wanted to go (out of 160 odd)...besides that, you know the usual 12th standard, study, study....gosh! I mean i'd really began to lose my nerves...for eg, everytime i got a foul odour, i actually used to think i had an overactive schneidarian about applying knowledge to practical life. Yes, and we had the Lamp Lighting ceremony...where each teacher lit a lamp fr a 10th/12th student, wishing them good luck for the exams and life...quite touchy...and my mom loved the lamp ("good for Diwali, wish we had another")...and the ex- Principal (and current director of education or something) gave a customary the end of it i had tears in my, not out of emotions, but sheer agonizing went on and on and on....a neverending saga...

We got our farewell on 4th...dont know if i'd i am not an insensitive wart, its just that not too many people turn up....everyone is usually too busy with entrances and stuff (sporting no?)...i wish they'd come though...i guess high school's like a lollipop, it sucks till its over (i do have very deep thoughts...)...anyways guess i wrote a lot of junk in my very first post...well i'll continue boring any one who bothers to read this with further posts. cya

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hey nice one...i like d way ur keeping up wid d name "double t"!!!
rock on!